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Gay Porn Actor Arrested For Yanking Hose in Firehouse

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Adult gay film star Donny Wright was arrested early Saturday morning for allegedly breaking into a firehouse in Louisville, Ky., to masturbate, WHAS11 reports.

Wright, whose real name is Nicolas Gonzales, allegedly broke a window in the fire station in order to masturbate on fire gear that he removed from the station's lockers.

The station's firefighters apparently heard Wright, 27, break the window and went to investigate the commotion. The men said they were surprised to discover the porn star masturbating on the gear.

"This is probably the craziest thing I've probably ever been involved in," Sgt. Douglas Hepner with Louisville Fire and Rescue told NBC's Louisville's affiliate station WAVE3. "I heard some loud banging outside," he added.

Firefighter Michael Davenport told the station he thought it was "the dumpster man coming to empty the dumpster" at first. Hepner went on to say that it appeared that Wright "jumped head first through the window. The glass shattered and he came in head first and I just saw him take off running."

"Once we found out the intruder was still in the firehouse, all members searched the firehouse very rapidly and that’s when I came across him," Davenport said.

The firefighters found Wright down the hallway in the station’s locker room.

"That’s where I found him sitting on the floor," Davenport said. "He never even acknowledged I was there. He continued his lewd act and that’s when I grabbed him by his shirt and drag him out."

"Every day’s a brand new day for us," Davenport added. "I’m sure this story will long live."

The authorities said Wright was under the influenced of alcohol. Police arrested him and charged him with burglary, public intoxication and criminal mischief. According to Louisville’s CBS affiliated station WLKY-TV3, Wright said he broke into the firehouse, "Because I wanted to."

It should be noted that according to to Wright’s Twitter account, the adult film actor tweeted on Feb. 15, "Feel like I went thru a time machine. Kentucky !!"


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