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How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

By Blake Beckcomb | Sunday Oct 22, 2017
Many people who spend hours in the gym are trying to get lean and toned, but somehow it ends up being harder than anticipated. What does one have to do to actually tone muscles and see some definition?

The View UpStairs

By Tony Reverditto | Saturday Oct 21, 2017
"The View UpStairs," is based on the true story about a lively gay bar that was the target of a horrific arson attack on June 24, 1973.

The San Diego LGBT Community Center's Sapphire Gala :: Celebrating 45 Years of Hope

By Joel Martens | Sunday Oct 15, 2017
Help to honor those men and women who paved the LGBT rights road and those who benefit from the accomplishments and services of The San Diego LGBT Community Center.

ONE Archives Axis Mundo

By Joel Martens | Friday Oct 13, 2017
"We hope visitors to the show walk away with a better sense of the wide-reaching and dynamic scene these artists fosters in the '70s and '80s and the sense of playfulness and possibility that permeated their work across art, life, and activism."

Michael Carbonaro :: Behind the Magician's Cape

By Joel Martens | Friday Oct 13, 2017
With a sweet, alluring twinkle in his eye, Carbonaro's quick, intelligent mind springs the trap set for you, doing so before you realize you've even been ensnared. There's magic afoot for sure, and it's often hilarious to boot.

Anthony Rapp Boards 'Star Trek: Discovery'

By Joel Martens | Sunday Oct 8, 2017
LGBT representation has been slow to arrive on the bridges of any "Star Trek" franchise, but finally "RENT" star Anthony Rapp and fellow RENT alum Wilson Cruz play a 23rd Century gay male couple on "Discovery." Rapp shares his insights.

'The Legend of Georgia McBride' :: Discovering Elvis... and High Heels

By Lisa Lipsey | Sunday Oct 8, 2017
Cygnet Theatre is now in rehearsals for the San Diego premiere of the witty, sequin-filled musical comedy "The Legend of Georgia McBride." Star Spencer Bang reveals the story behind the sequins.

Shangela :: Werq the World!

By Tim Parks | Sunday Oct 8, 2017
When "Drag Race" alum Shangela takes the stage as the hostess of "RuPaul's Werq The World Tour," this queen is totally prepared to "Bring it!"

Transnation Film Fest :: Embracing the 'T'

By Chris Carpenter | Saturday Oct 7, 2017
Last year's inaugural TransNation Film Festival succeeded as a more in-depth exploration of our trans community than most LGBTQ events have offered to date.

'The Battle of the Sexes' :: Billie Jean King and Emma Stone Winning the Game

By Joel Martens | Saturday Oct 7, 2017
See this film, learn something about how we got to where we are now. There is still work to be done, yes, but because of this moment and many others, we have come so very far.

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