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You Can Buy a 'LGBTQ for Trump' T-Shirt for $30

Aug 29
If you're a member of the LGBTQ community and want to show your support for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, the reality TV host has your back!

California Legislature Sends Landmark PrEP & PEP Education Bill to Governor Brown

By EDGE | Aug 29
Landmark legislation to boost awareness PrEP and PEP to prevent HIV infection was sent to California Gov. Jerry Brown on August 24, having received strong support in both the Senate and the Assembly.

Anthony Weiner Deletes Twitter After Being Accused of Sexting Again

Aug 29
The New York Post published a report Sunday, accusing disgraced New York City politician Anthony of Weiner of sexting... again.

Clinton Rolls Out Plan for Mental Health Care

Aug 29
Hillary Clinton is rolling out a comprehensive plan to address millions of Americans coping with mental illness. She's pointing to the need to fully integrate mental health services into the nation's health care system.

Why It Matters: Climate Change

By Seth Borenstein | Aug 29
HE ISSUE: It's as if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump live on two entirely different Earths: one warming, one not.

Claws Out :: At Rob Lowe's Roast, Ann Coulter Was the Target

Aug 29
Rob Lowe may have been roasted, but it was Ann Coulter who was savaged on Saturday night.

Behind Trump's Campaign CEO and the "Alt-Right" Movement

Aug 29
Donald Trump's new campaign CEO, Steve Bannon, was the chairman of Breitbart News, a platform for the "alt-right."

Can Clinton Save Health Overhaul From its Mounting Problems?

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Aug 28
With the hourglass running out for his administration, President Barack Obama's health care law is struggling in many parts of the country.

Trump Warns of Regulations, Taxes Harming Family Farmers

By Scott Bauer and Ken Thomas | Aug 28
Donald Trump said rival Hillary Clinton will push regulations and high taxes that will hurt family farmers as he campaigned in Iowa, an agricultural state that remains a presidential election battleground.

Nevada Becomes One of Trump's Big Hopes for Swing State Win

By Nicholas Riccardi | Aug 27
Russ Wheeler bears the financial scars of Nevada's lost decade, and he hopes Donald Trump can heal them.

1 thru 10 of 3668 Stories