Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self Confidence

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday May 17, 2013
Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self Confidence

The title should pretty much tell you what Ross Mathews, the beloved, has written about with no uncertainty: "Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence." Yes, the hated and loved TV man Mathews, whom we cannot forget has best friends in famous places, has written a book and yes it has published in pink. He's openly gay if you haven't picked that up yet.

The author had worked his way from intern, to correspondent for the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and then famed his way across television shows like "Celebrity Fit Club", "The Insider" and "Chelsea Lately." Not that these shows were intellectual in any way, but his overly camp and humor-filled personality kept audiences glued.

The book's foreword is written by blondie Gwyneth Paltrow who tells a cutesy story of how the two met; no, not on a dating site. "I fell in love with Ross Mathews the first time I saw him" Gwyneth peeped and then gushes about their meeting at some party's red carpet do. His "harmless enough" and "adorable mix between a Cabbage Patch Kid and Pillsbury Doughboy" nature must have signed the deal for her. And she stamps her approval on the book with a wink and a "Read this book. Trust me - you'll want to be his best friend, too."

"Read this book. Trust me - you’ll want to be his best friend, too" says Gwyneth Paltrow

But what makes Ross Mathews interesting is not the celebrity endorsements, there's another from Chelsea Handler too, but his earnest nature. Mathews puts himself out there to be judged and ridiculed, but he doesn't care. He loves what he does with his life, and that is evident in the way he writes the book - with gusto; enthusiastic gusto. Telling stories about being an intern, male bonding and coming out of the closet the E! Network host tells it the way he sees it.

And at the end of all the ranting and raving, giggles and goggles, the author even gives a "Bonus Quiz!" to see if anyone paid attention. If you can read through the slapstick and fun you're bound to get great scores on the quiz but if you're skimming the book and just saw phrases like "bog whoop" and "you may feel free to applaud" you might fail this little quiz. Like or loath the guy, Mathews has the balls to write a book that showcases him, all of him. Even if that is potentially just plastic.

"Man Up! Tales of My Delusional Self-Confidence "
Ross Mathews

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