We’re The Millers

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 19, 2013
We’re The Millers

Anytime former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston takes on a naughty movie role, I am so there at the movie theater cheering her on. Such was the case with "We're the Millers," where Aniston plays against type as a stripper in this past summer's ensemble road trip comedy. The film doesn't disappoint on Blu-ray, with both the theatrical version and a new extended cut, clocking in at an extra 8 minutes.

The theme of pot runs rampant through "We're the Millers" and has star Jason Sudeikis creating a fake family in order to score a huge marijuana deal worth a ton of dough. Along for the ride is his aloof neighbor Rose the stripper (Aniston), dorky Kenny (British young actor Nick Offerman), and teenage runaway Casey (Emma Roberts). What these folks go through would make the characters of 1983's "Vacation" blush.

Aniston gets a flashy striptease scene, Offerman's private parts get bitten by a tarantula, and Roberts gets some bitchy one-liners for which she's quickly becoming known. It all adds up to a funny farce film...one can see why it was such a summer blockbuster.

Sudeikis plays the "straight" part well and is adept at ad libbing his lines. This can be seen in the many outtakes from the film in "Outtakes Overload," a 20-minute special feature showing how the cast was encouraged to try many variations on their scripted lines.

The extended cut of the film is basically the deleted scenes inserted into the theatrical version and the behind-the-scenes feature is split into 7 segments where it's obvious the cast had a blast acting with each other. It shows in the final cut of the film.

"We're the Millers"
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